The Bilboq: for lobster

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The Bilboq: for lobster

A landmark since 1986, this is Ajaccio's lobster restaurant.

Lobster is served here two ways: cooked in the spaghetti water that accompanies it or flamed on the grill. Grilled cooking brings more character to the dish. At Bilboq there is no menu, only the famous lobster served with spaghetti and a single dessert, but all of Ajaccio jostles to get in here.

Politicians and travellers especially favour the whimsical and fresh atmosphere that has made the reputation of the place. It is a boisterous locale full of character, where the history of the city may be felt, between nostalgia and Corsican fervour.

The walls display beautiful black-and-white photos, with scenes from the countryside and personalities of the island, all illuminated by very simple candlesticks. A typical, friendly place that also has a nice terrace.

Le Bilboq – Chez Jean Jean
2, rue des Glacis
20000 Ajaccio

+33 (0)4 95 51 35 40

Menu: around 50 EUR