The Café Arcangel: divinely sweet

The Café Arcangel: divinely sweet

Far from the heated Cuban rhythms, the Arcangel offers a cosy coffee break accompanied by delicious pastries.

The Café Arcangel does offer some good cocktails on its menu (this is Cuba after all), but save that experience for one of the town's exciting rum bars. Come here instead to relax over a cup of their delicious mocha or an elegant café Viennois. If you have a sweet tooth, go for one their traditional tortas (cakes), famous throughout the city. Or maybe try a nice sandwich and salad. Behind its brightly coloured facade, typical of Habana Vieja, you will especially enjoy the café's traditional cachet: mosaic tables and wrought iron, old photographs, and Charlie Chaplin films screened on the wall.

In a cosy atmosphere that isn't at all stuffy, with soft, sweet music playing in the background, you'll find this a great place to unwind after a long walk in the bustling streets—and the perfect spot to ready yourself for the long night of bar hopping ahead.

Café Arcangel
Concordia n° 57
La Habana Vieja
10100 Havana, Cuba

+53 7 8677495

Menu: around 2 CUC