The delights of secrecy at Carry Nation

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The delights of secrecy at Carry Nation

Discover one of the most secret bars in Marseille, Carry Nation, a tribute to prohibition and speakeasies.

When Kansas prohibited the sale of alcohol, Carrie (or Carry) Amelia Moore Nation adhered to the temperance movement and launched a fierce fight against bars that flouted the law. Thinking she embodied a sacred mission, she sacked the impious establishments to the sound of religious hymns sung by her 'sisters'.

Carry Nation opened in the 6th arrondissement of Marseille in 2011, among the precursors of new French speakeasies. Sheltered by stone vaults, this first urban winery invites you to provide an email address and phone number to know its exact location, kept secret by the managers Guillaume Ferroni and Luc Litschgi. With a specific code, you enter a clandestine bar where bootleggers are busy preparing cocktails dating to Prohibition. You will be able to taste – in moderation of course – excellent spirits from America, Asia, France, Canada, West Indies, Jamaica, Cuba… the whole world really. Back to the heart of this mysterious era when Al Capone reigned as the master of contraband.

Carry Nation
Secret address
(Communicated after reservation on their website)
13006 Marseille

+33 (0)9 50 26 01 66