The Jewish ghetto of Venice, a multicultural melting pot

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The Jewish ghetto of Venice, a multicultural melting pot

Go off to explore an unknown side of the Serene: it was actually in the Cannaregio district that the first “ghetto” in history was established.

In 2016, upon the celebration of the 500 years of existence of the Venice ghetto, many cultural events brought back the tumultuous past of the city. In 1516, on the initiative of the city's Doges, Jews gathered in the first ghetto in history, on the site of a former foundry - the word "geto" originally designated the place where scoria from neighbouring factories was rejected.
The growing population and ban on settling outside of the ghetto saw the birth of the city's tallest buildings of up to eight floors, an exception in Venice. On Campo di Ghetto Nuovo square you will find the Holocaust Memorial and the Ebraico Jewish Museum of Venice. You can also visit a few of the five synagogues, referred to as "Scuole" - among them, do not miss the Ponentina o Spagnola and the Levantina, the two most remarkable. At the entrance of the neighbourhood, you can also see the locations of the gates that once closed the ghetto.

Holocaust Memorial
Campo di Ghetto Nuovo
30121 Venezia
+39 041 715 012

Jewish Museum of Venice
Campo di Ghetto Nuovo, 2902/b
30121 Venezia
+39 041 715359

Scuola Ponentina o Spagnola
Calle Ghetto Vecchio 1147
30121 Venezia

Scuola Levantina
Calle Ghetto Vecchio 1154
30121 Venezia