The Patek Philippe Museum: watchmaking excellence and rarity

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The Patek Philippe Museum: watchmaking excellence and rarity

The Patek Philippe Museum illustrates the history of watchmaking in Geneva, and displays spectacular treasures from the Patek Philippe collection.

Geneva watchmaking, which is world-renowned, grew out of the city's goldsmith industry in the 13th century. Watchmaking was further fuelled by the Calvinist Reformation in the 16th century, which prohibited luxury and pomp, thereby forcing goldsmiths to learn another trade. By the 17th century, Geneva's expertise and excellence in watchmaking was well established and its reputation spread throughout Europe.

The Patek Philippe Museum showcases the exceptional Patek Philippe collection, whose pieces go back to 1845. You can admire precision-cut enamels, which are true works of miniature art, and let yourself be dazzled by the technical prowess of complicated watches.Among them is the famous ‘Marie Antoinette' timepiece. The French queen's pocket watch is the most complicated mechanism ever created.

A true ‘temple of time', the museum holds unimaginable treasures like musical automata and fancy watches, the variety of forms and eccentricity of which will not cease to amaze you. The unparalleled ingenuity and talent displayed show why Geneva is at the very forefront in the world of watchmaking.

Patek Philippe Museum
Rue des Vieux Grenadiers 7
1205 Geneva

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