The Prague Spring at the Municipal House

The Prague Spring at the Municipal House

The versatility of the Municipal House makes it a fitting metaphor for national renewal. The splendour of this monument of Art Nouveau style makes it accessible to all.

The Municipal House, constructed to honour the city, carries an allegorical mosaic, the Apotheosis of Prague, on its central gable. Built in 1912 in late Art Nouveau style, it overflows with dazzling ornamental detail.

On the first floor, stateroom upon stateroom lead to the central balcony of the Mayor's Room with a vaulted ceiling decorated by Mucha where Václav Havel announced the return to democracy in 1989. Among the spaces dedicated to culture, the most prestigious is the immense Smetana concert hall, which serves as the venue for the opening of Prague's Spring Festival every year. On the ground floor, the Municipal Café has recovered its former glory.

The French restaurant, with its outsized dining room, recalls the high point of the Belle Époque. An entirely different ambience awaits you in the lower level at Pilsen, a traditional Czech restaurant with long, shared dining tables and an Art Deco style.

Municipal House
Nám. Republiky 5
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