The Rialto Market: a taste of the real Venice

The Rialto Market: a taste of the real Venice

A picturesque stroll in the fish market in the early morning is a must.

The Rialto, its bridge, shops, and market are the oldest in Venice. Almost a thousand years old, history in itself! In the Middle Ages, merchants had already begun coming here to sell spices and rice brought from the East. Marco Polo undoubtedly traded here.

But go early in the morning and first, listen to the Venetians: they still communicate in Venetian rather than Italian. Then, let yourself be carried away by the abundance, the succulence of the stalls, from produce-oriented Erbaria to Beccaria and its meat market, and of course famous Pescheria and its iodine flavours. Every morning, the fishermen of the lagoon bring a miraculous catch whose freshness is evident on the firm, gleaming sides of the fish.

Look at these beautiful sea bass, these brilliant sea bream, these baskets of plump prawns and octopus… all the tastes of Venice are here.

Rialto Market
Campo de la Pescaria
30125 Venezia