The silence of the Tiber

The silence of the Tiber

How sweet it is to be lulled by the peaceful current of the Tiber during a romantic cruise along the banks.

Since ancient times, the Tiber has had strategic importance in the history of Rome. Remember twins Romulus and Remus, sons of the god Mars and vestal virgin Rhea Silvia, whose legend is closely linked to the third longest river in Italy.
Like London and Paris, Rome has been offering visiting tourists boat tours since 2003, to admire the city's most beautiful attractions, day and night, while sailing on the river.
From the pier located near the Ponte Sant'Angelo, on the shore facing the castle, which calm is disrupted by the steady breaths of experienced rowers, a maritime journey takes you to Tiber Island via the Fabricio and Cestio bridges and stops in front of the Piazze Venezia and del Popolo and Trastevere district. Everyone agreed, there is no better way to discover the hidden treasures of the Eternal City!

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