The Skyslide: a 300-metre-high slide

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The Skyslide: a 300-metre-high slide

Since June 2016, a glass slide that is 14 metres long and 300 metres high has offered an incredible view of L.A.

In the heart of Los Angeles, between the 69th and 70th floors of the US Bank Tower, at more than 300 metres above the ground, a strange device awaits thrill seekers. Installedutside the wall of the skyscraper, overlooking the neighbourhood, is a glass slide 1.2 metres wide and 14 metres long. It became, in a weekend, Los Angeles' new trendy attraction.

Rest assured: the glass plates—held in place by steel—that it is made of are able to withstand both wind gusts and earthquakes. Sitting on a thin carpet, to make the descent even more rapid, you slide from one floor to another with this fantastic—or terrifying—impression of jumping into a void. During the trip, which lasts only a few seconds, you will enjoy a unique view over the city (if you don't close your eyes) and the right to shout very loudly if you so desire!

US Bank Tower
633 West Fifth Street
Suite 840
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Since June 25, 2016

Ticket prices
Full fare: 25 USD
Under 12: 19 USD
Over 65: 22 USD