Thornton's: natural Irish gastronomy

Thornton's: natural Irish gastronomy

It's not by chance that Kevin Thornton, Ireland's first two-starred chef, opened his restaurant just in front of St. Stephen's Green.

For more than 25 years, Kevin Thornton has practised an elementary gastronomy that pays homage to the moors and shores of his homeland: A sorrel leaf is blown by the damp wind […] a flame sears a fillet—Earth, Wind, Water, Fire.'

On your plate, the complex ecosystem of Irish nature is respected and enhanced by gastronomic excellence: peat smoked Atlantic salmon fermented in algae; wood pigeon with mashed carrot and juniper sauce… Even the way these dishes are composed graphically evokes Irish landscapes.

The restaurant interior is in the brown, beige, chocolate, and caramel of many chic Dublin interiors. But here, the comfort is more refined and the materials more natural. This is a gastronomic experience as pure and as spontaneous as Ireland.

Thornton's Restaurant
1st, The Fitzwilliam Hotel
128 St Stephen's Green
Dublin 2

+353 (0)1 478 7008

Menu: around 50 EUR