Viennese cafés: Coffee in all its forms

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Viennese cafés: Coffee in all its forms

The Viennese frequent cafés several times a day. Imitate them and you too will succumb to these improvised stops.

Vienna has been a city of cafés for three centuries, with one located on virtually every corner. It is a tradition that is well established in the country's mores. Intellectuals, politicians, artists like Klimt, Schnitzler, Freud, and Zweig, were all regulars at these places. Though cafés had their heyday in the 19th and 20th centuries, they are still very popular.

People go to these quiet, spacious rooms at almost any time of day to chat, read the newspapers, meet friends, or just relax. And the range of coffees is immense, from the basic Schwarzer or Mokka (black) to kleiner Brauner (with a little milk) mit Schlag (with whipped cream) and Turkischer (with the grains). But coffee alone is like wine without cheese, so most often it is accompanied with one of the many pastries, such as apple strudel. Some of these cafés are very famous, like the Café Central, Café Prückel, Café Diglas, Café Jelinek, Café Sacher, and Café Sperl,

whose common points are elegant surroundings and beautiful design with a patina of age.

Café Central
Herrengasse 14
1010 Vienna

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