Voskhod, ex-USSR's gastronomy in a spaceship

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Voskhod, ex-USSR's gastronomy in a spaceship

Amid the new Zaryadye Park, two steps away from the Red Square, Voskhod gives a new twist to old Soviet specialities in a spatial setting.

With its rocket sign, retro-futuristic look and architecture worthy of a spaceship, Voskhod will remind you of Star Wars or Buzz Lightyear theme park attractions. This restaurant sheds a light on the 1960s and space exploration, as Voskhod was the name of a Soviet space program. Small cosmonauts, like miniature Yuri Gagarines (the first man sent into space) and knick-knacks representing the planets of our solar system preside over the tables. In the meantime, a huge light fixture similar to Saturn and its golden rings shines through the room.
The geopolitics of gastronomy are taking place in your plate, with a menu that presents a mixture of old Soviet recipes interpreted with a contemporary twist. Ukrainian bortsch, Byelorussian draniki, Armenian chalagach and Uzbek shashlik will take your palate all over the former USSR. While you do, you will not fail to enjoy the panoramic view offered through the large picture windows over the Zaryadye Park, the Kremlin and the Vasilevsky slope.

Voskhod Restaurant
Ulitsa Varvarka, 6

+7 495 531 04 30


Menu: around 1,400 RUB