When Buenos Aires paints its walls

street art
When Buenos Aires paints its walls

A temple of international art, Buenos Aires decorates its walls, streets and districts with the colourful expressions of talented graffiti painters.

Street art is a form of artistic expression that became recognized around the globe in the 1990s, with the emergence of virtuoso artists whose reputation is now well established. Graffiti, silkscreen, collage, stickers, stencils, mosaics... all methods will work to paint the city walls with vast frescoes. Thus graffiti artists display their talents in this ephemeral art that colours the daily life of the inhabitants of Buenos Aires.

At a corner of a narrow alley, the scars of past history spread in colour on the concrete facades and, with Tec, Defi or Tester, graffiti becomes a cultural means of protest accessible to the Argentine population. Head to the districts of Villa Crespo, Palermo or Colegiales, where street artists have set up residence for a time, supported by the association Graffiti Mundo.