Discover VoeBiz

The new SME program of Air France- KLM in Brazil

VoeBiz program was developed in partnership with GOL. Exclusive for SME companies, VoeBiz will add even more value to your corporate travel. The operation of the VoeBiz program is similar to BlueBiz, to accumulate points simply inform your VoeBiz number at the time of purchase your corporate tickets.

Each participating company will only have one VoeBiz number and one account administrator, called Travel Manager. Only this manager (with a valid login) can redeem points. To redeem points you must enter in the VoeBiz portal and request your award.

Only the value of the fares will be paid in points. All airport taxes must be paid in cash (credit card, GOL UATP or other form of payment available). Accumulation of points in the VoeBiz program. The accumulation of points will be according to the amount paid and the rate family. Each R $ 1.00 paid will be worth a certain amount of points according to the tariff family.

The rule of accumulation for domestic and international flights is as follows:

GOL flights:

Fare Type Points
Premium Economy 5 Points
Max 4 Points
Plus 3 Points
Light 2 Points
Promo 1 Point

Air France And KLM flights

Fare Type AF Classes KLM Classes Points
LA PREMIÈRE P-F - 5 Points
ECONOMY (1) Y-B-M-U-K-H-L Y-B-M-U-K-H-L 3 Points
ECONOMY (2) Q-T-E-N-R-V Q-T-E-N-R-V 2 Points
ECONOMY (3) G,X G,X 1 Point
If you have any questions about the program or about your current VoeBiz corporate account, send an e-mail to or call (BR) 0300 115 2221 (option 2).
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