Best Price Guarantee for KLM and Air France flights guarantees the best final fare for your travel.
Did you find a cheapest final fare for the same trip, with same conditions on flights operated by Air France or KLM on another website?

Air France will give a you a Travel Credit Voucher for the amount of the fare difference* between the 2 final prices plus R$100,00 (one hundred reais)

About our Best Price Guarantee

best price
Air France will supply you with a Travel credit Voucher for the amount of the fare difference* between the 2 final prices plus R$100,00 (one hundred reais) if, after purchase of the ticket on you find a lower final price for the KLM or Air France itinerary where the first flight is departing from Brazil in the following conditions:

- The final price found online must be for same flight numbers, dates, departure times, itinerary (same departure and arrival airports), cabin and booking class (same fare conditions).

- The quotation is published online.

- The quotation published on the other website** must be available to book on same date (Brasília time) in which the ticket was purchased through

The applicable price for the guarantee must include all taxes presented in the ´tax´ box of the ticket as well as any ticketing fee (not charged on It´s considered the final price, the total amount, irrespective if paid cash or in installment plans.

To every request in line with the terms and conditions, a Travel Credit will be sent to the client including the fare difference* for each eligible round trip ticket plus R$100.00 (one hundred reais).

* Only differences greater or equal than R$ 25.00 (twenty five reais) will be considered for the guarantee. The maximum price difference to be refunded cannot exceed R$ 250.00 (two hundred and fifty reais).

**Except websites: e
O preço aplicável para a garantia do melhor preço final inclui todas as taxas constantes no campo ‘taxa’ dos bilhetes, assim como taxa de serviço para emissão do bilhete (não cobrada no site da
É considerado preço final o valor à vista ou parcelado sem juros.

Para toda solicitação que responda às condições da Air France, um Vale Viagem para uma futura compra será enviado ao respectivo cliente, no valor correspondente à diferença* do preço encontrado para cada bilhete ida e volta elegível nos termos da presente garantia, acrescido de R$ 100,00 (cem reais).

* only diferences that are superior or equals to R$ 25,00 (twenty five reais) will be considered for the guarantee. But, the maximum amount that could be given can not excedd R$ 250,00 ( two hundred and fifty reais)

Travel Credit Request

All Travel credit Requests must be sent before midnight (Brasília Time), on the same day of booking.
To request your credit:

- Send an email to including informations below.

- The email title must include Best Price Guarantee.

- To facilitate the analise of your request, you can include a copy screen of the lowest final fare met on the other website. The copy must show clearly the flights, days of travel, booking classes and final fare including all taxes such as ticketing fees. The email size must be under 4MB.

- Please copy paste the list below and fulfill directly the fields in the email.

1. Your details :
Last Name*:
First Name*:
Country of residence*:
Phone number*:
Flying Blue number (if you are member):

2. Your Air France booking :
Booking Code or ticket(s) number(s)*:
Final fare of the ticket(s):

3. Final Fare found in other site:
Internet 's site name *:
URL adress*:
Final fare *:

* Mandatories informations
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