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*Departing from São Paulo from R$ 8400. Departing from Rio de Janeiro from R$ 8590. Departing from Porto Alegre from R$8930. Return final prices in Business class including taxes with exchange rate of 06/03/2020 of 1USD/4,62BRL on the fare basis OPRBR. Final exchange rate will be informed at the moment of purchase. Prices subject to availability. Fares can change without prior notice. Limited number of seats per flight. Prices valid for purchases on No booking fee for purchases at the Air France Brazil website.

Bookings until 16/03/2020. Minimum stay of 5 days and maximum of 3 months. Advanced purchase of 7 days.

Travel date until 31/08/2020.

Passengers are entitled to at least 1 free stopover in Fortaleza or Rio De Janeiro on the outbound and another free stopover on the inbound per ticket. Free stopovers in Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro are only valid for flights departing from any brazilian origins but from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza with the domestic leg operated by GOL.

According to the fare basis, passengers could be entitled to at least 1 paid stopover in Amsterdam or Paris on the outbound and another on the inbound per ticket at a value of US$75 fee per stopover per passenger, any additional stopover will be charged at a fee of US$100 each. Promotional fares will not offer any paid stopover option in Amsterdam or Paris.

Payment in up to 4 installments without interest rates with credit cards AMEX, Diners, Mastercard and Visa issued in Brazil.

Modifications are allowed before and after departure for an additional charge of USD200, plus the difference between the original price and the price on the day of the modification.

Refund only allowed before departure for an additional charge of USD300. Once started the trip, no refund is allowed. The conditions of modification before departure and / or refund are applicable only for requests made until the scheduled time of departure of the 1st flight. Any modification is subject to, on top of the fare difference if the same fare is not available, an additional service fee. The additional service fee is USD16 for tickets reissued at Air France points of sale in Brazil. If the ticket is full flex you will not be charged for the additional service. Any refund request is subject to, on top of the refund fee, an additional service fee of USD22.

The fare is valid only if the ticket is completely used on the dates indicated, respecting the order of the travel tickets. Any use in disagreement with the rules found on the day of travel will result in the payment of an additional rate and reissue fees at the airport. In case of non-attendance without prior notice (no show), there will be no refund.

The number and weight of baggage allowed may vary according to the fare basis booked and to the Flying Blue status. Advanced purchase of an additional baggage entitles a discount from the rate practiced at the airport on the day of departure.

Before the trip, check the entry, stay and health formalities of your destination, in addition to the required documents and their expiration dates.
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