a) General Principles
  • The carrier’s maximum liability in the event of loss, delay, damage or spoliation of baggage is 1131 Special Drawing Rights (SDR) (approximately R$ 4.700,00). The value of the SDR is based on a basket of five major currencies in the world. Its exchange rate into Reais is available at the site of Brazilian Central Bank
  • If the customer wishes to increase this limit of liability, the maximum value that can be insured is 2500 SDR (approximately R$ 10.400,00) per passenger for all checked baggage, by paying additional value, as described in item "b" below.
  • No excess value declaration is accepted for cabin baggage, animals, fragile or perishable items, jewellery, electronic equipment, precious metals, silverware, business documents, art works, photo or film equipment, medication, passports. Customers should be referred to an insurance company for this.

b) Applicability and Calculation
  • Declaration must be made at the Carrier desk in the Airport before the latest check-in time.
  • The carrier may verify the content of the baggage.
  • The amount to be paid is 10% of the declared value of the baggage minus the maximum amount of the carrier’s liability.

Example of calculation:
  • Value declared by customer: SDR 2.500 (+/- R$ 10.400,00)*.
  • Maximum regular liability of the carrier: SDR 1.131 (+/- R$ 4.700,00)*.
  • Extra value not covered: SDR 1369 (+/- R$ 5.700,00)*.
  • Charge to be paid by customer 10 % = R$ 570,00.*

* Values informed as an example. The daily exchange rate of the SDR is available at the site of Brazilian Central Bank.

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