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The use of cookies when visiting

As with most commercial websites, Air France uses cookies to enable online purchasing, while optimizing and customizing its website. This section describes how and why cookies are used.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are sent from a website and stored in a user´s web browser. They temporarily save information about visits and visitors. Each time the same website is visited, the data describing the user´s previous activity is retrieved. Cookies cannot generate or forward viruses.

Some cookies are necessary to use the website properly, while others enable optimized and customized content to be displayed.

Cookies help a website improve user experience by:
  • displaying relevant navigation settings for visitors,
  • retrieving user preferences (e.g.: country and language),
  • resolving bugs or helping to retrieve the information you need quickly,
  • limiting the number of advertisements displayed.

Air France´s use of cookies

The website links information stored from cookies with other information you provide about yourself, or other data we have collected for the purposes stated in the Air France Privacy Policy . When visiting, you agree by default to allow Air France to store cookies on your browser.

If you do not want to store cookies on your browser, you can disable the use of cookies via your browser´s settings or options. Some pages of may not function properly (see below for details).

The website uses up to four types of cookies:


Strictly necessary cookies (Air France only)

Strictly necessary cookies (no personal data is stored) enable visitors to navigate, use its features and access secure areas.   The information stored by these cookies cannot be used for marketing purposes. If the use of this type of cookie is disabled, various features of—such as purchasing a ticket—will not function.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies help Air France improve its website and resolve bugs.   This type of cookie collects information about how visitors use It tracks items, such as most visited pages and the number of error messages shown. The information stored by these cookies cannot be used for marketing purposes.

Functionality cookies

Functionality cookies enable to remember visitor choices and preferences.   Based on this information, can display more relevant information to individual visitors. Examples of data stored are country and language preferences. Disabling this type of cookie will: block the use of various pages of (e.g.: Flying Blue account), reduce the level of assistance Air France can offer, prevent Air France from storing your preferences to disable or display a specific feature.

Targeting cookies or advertising cookies

With Air France´s permission, this type of cookie is usually stored on by advertisers. They are used to: show relevant and customized advertisements, limit the number of times each advertisement is displayed, measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Feel free to consult the list of cookies used by Air France. The list can vary depending on your country.

More about cookies

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