Baggage - Special Information for Brazilian Residents

Limit of Liability

The Carrier's liability for the delay, loss, damage and spoliation of registered Baggage is limited to 1,131 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) per passenger.
The Carrier shall not be liable for damage to fragile, perishable or valuable items, items that are not properly packed, or where the damage originates from the very nature or defect of the baggage or its contents.
For unregistered baggage (hand baggage) allowed on board, the Carrier may be liable only if it proves to be a failure of the Carrier, its employees or its agents. Such a charge, in this case, shall be limited to 1,131 SDR per Passenger.

Special Value Statement

If the passenger wishes to extend the limit of liability for damage to luggage, he may do so up to a maximum of 2,500 Special Drawing Rights (SDR) for all checked baggage, for a supplementary fee equivalent to 10% of the difference between The declared value (maximum of 2500 DES) and the limit of liability (1131 DES).
Special Value Declaration is not accepted for cabin baggage (not checked), animals, fragile or perishable articles, jewelry, electronic equipment, precious metals, cutlery, commercial documents, works of art, photographic or film equipment, medicines and passports. In these cases, the customer should contact an insurance broker.

Special Baggage Acceptance Rules and Excess Baggage

All information concerning Special Baggage Acceptance Rules and Excess Baggage, are available in the Baggage User Guide.

Delayed Luggage - First Needs Expenses

If the customer is outside his domicile, and has incurred expenses of first necessity (for example, hygiene products or pieces of clothing), due to the delay of his luggage, he can request the refund.
The reimbursement limit corresponds to the equivalent in Reais to 60 euros per day of baggage delay, limited to 21 days.
The Customer will have to request for reimbursement, within 21 days as of baggage reception, through the Online Claim Form, indicating the bank account data in Brazil, including CPF, and forwarding the receipts of the purchases made.

Lost Luggage

If the baggage is not found within 21 days after the declaration of loss (protest), the Carrier will make the indemnification. In order to do so, the passenger must submit, through the Online Claim Form, a copy of the proof of material damage suffered (invoices, proof of purchases), as well as bank account data in Brazil, including CPF.

Damaged Baggage / Spoliation

In case the passenger verifies a damage in the luggage, or the lack of any object, he must make a declaration (protest) with the Carrier within a maximum of 7 days counting from the receipt of the luggage.
Except for the limits and exclusions of liability mentioned above, the Carrier shall adopt one of the following measures: repair, replacement for equivalent or indemnification, as the case may be.

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