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Czech Rep

Flight from R$ 3 772 Round trip*

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Flight from R$ 3 772 Round trip*

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The Czech Republic, a romantic destination in the heart of Europe

In the crossroad of central Europe, the Czech Republic is a small country where big artists have earned their reputation: Dvorak, Kafka, Kundera... The ancient Kingdom of Bohemia, it seems that the soul of this country, reality is often confused with dreams. If Prague, its capital, is very popular in summer and winter, the Czech Republic hides other treasures to be discovered in abundance.

A trip to the Czech Republic always starts with a flight to Prague. Immediately, the Golden City impresses with the magic that emanates from it. An excellent Baroque city, it captivates with its mystery. There is much to see and experience in Prague. It must be explored by its mythical atmosphere, starting with the winding streets of the Jewish Quarter. The astronomical clock built in 1410, puts on a figurine show, every hour, where science rubs shoulders with the marvellous. The Charles Bridge, which straddles the Vltava, with its Gothic pillars it delights lovers from across the world. Prague Castle, and St-Guy Cathedral which with its striking mixture of styles, are among the extraordinary buildings to visit. A good travel guide of the Czech Republic will help you discover them all.

Wonderful surprises await you during your stay in the Czech Republic if you venture outside of Prague. Starting with the beautiful Bohemian castles in the Cesky Krumlov region. Spa town seekers will go and recharge their batteries in the waters of Karlovy Vary, which Goethe liked so much. In winter all the fun activities to do in snow are available to winter sports enthusiasts in the mountains of Šumava or the Giant Mountains: ice-skating, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, sledding... Deviate slightly off the beaten track, and you will see that the Czech Republic offers you a total change of scene.