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United Kingdom

Flight from R$ 3 449 Round trip*

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Flight from R$ 3 868 Round trip*


Flight from R$ 3 858 Round trip*


Flight from R$ 3 449 Round trip*


Flight from R$ 3 718 Round trip*

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The United Kingston, tradition which transcends time

Britain offers a diverse array of landscapes, cities and museums with a rare wealth. A wild, rustic countryside, famous monuments and a cosmopolitan capital awaits you during your stay in Great Britain. Royal.

Over the centuries, the UK has conserved its traditions, such as afternoon tea or the changing of the guard, and maintains an immense heritage: from the Stonehenge megaliths, to Scottish castles. It's also a modern country in state of perpetual evolution. Book a flight to London and go and discover the kingdom which was, for two centuries, the largest empire in the world. London is a museum city, and your travel guide of the United Kingdom enables you to find all its riches. Every architectural style crosses paths here. The Gothic style is flamboyant at Westminster Abbey. Buckingham Palace, the royal residence, is a classical style. As for the London Eye, located on the banks of the Thames, from its pods you can admire the panorama of skyscrapers that have redesigned the skyline of the City.

Other cities like Edinburgh, the Scottish capital famous for its festivals, Windsor and its castle, or Oxford and its idyllic charm, are worth a visit during you trip to Britain. In terms of culture, some museums are unmissable. The National Gallery has one of the most important collection of artwork in the world. You can visit Shakespeare's House all year round, a few kilometres away from London.

A trip to the United Kingdom, is the opportunity to discover breath-taking landscapes, in an untamed nature the splendid Lochs in the Lothian region of Scotland, or the spectacular limestone cliffs of the Sussex. Great Britain also has a tradition of pubs, don't hesitate to have a rest between activities behind a dizzying pint!